Everyone is defined by their history in time. This is ours.



Our Greek business dates back in the 19th century: in 1885, the Camaris family open a small distillery in Piraeus.


Over the following decades the company had a change of scenery, moving its seat in Patras, at 59 Filopimenos Street.


In 1914, “CAMARI” ouzo was awarded by the “Hellenic Agricultural Company”.


In 1937 it received the “Golden Prize with Merit” at the Thessaloniki International Fair.


In 1999, Ilias Camaris closed the circle of family succession in the company.


With over 20 years of previous experience in the distilling industry, Spyros D. Koutoulas assumed in 1999 the task of continuing the long tradition of the distillery, which now counts more than one century of production.


In 2007, the business moved to new, modern and privately owned facilities in Alissos, Achaia.


Today, technology is harmoniously blended with tradition, as the company creates new products using the same, old recipes of times bygone but not forgotten. With the same love and unmistakable passion for the goods we produce for over a century now, our aim remains to bring you top quality through our exquisite flavours.